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Child Safety, US smoke and mirror, AI Military Operation, all roads lead to Silicon Valley

Disclaimer this blog discusses child abuse and may be distressing

The United States and Australian Governments have met to discuss the online safety space, U.S Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro N. Mayorkas met with Australian Attorney General Mark Dreyfus KC MP to form a Joint Council.

Chaired by Mayorkas and Dreyfus, met for the first time on the 16th of November to curate U.S and Australian policy, regulatory, law enforcement agencies through mutual collaboration.

It might be a coincidence that the artificial intelligence space requires structure to advance in Australia and Radcomms 2022 mapped a trajectory for digital twin.

The Australian innovation ecosystem demands a more precise definition of resilience for critical infrastructure that moves beyond cataloguing vulnerabilites and leaders are being encouraged to take bold action to build what is required. These concepts include physical infrastructure such as power, electricity, gas, cyber, supply chains and food security. But is this Joint Council going to stop child abuse or force the industry to adapt.

Albanese has announced he is handing Microsoft a government trial for generative artificial intelligence, a six month trial that will cost Australian's $1.2 million. Australia will be one of the first countries in the world to deploy generative artificial intelligence across national public service. The trial starts in January and will be evaluated by the Digital Transformation Agency. Microsoft 365 Copilot is a GAI assistant and has the ability to create content. The governments investment in the trial was not disclosed.

In September the government established an AI taskforce led by the Digital Transformation Agency and has issued non-binding guidance on the public service's use of generative AI.

Australia was one of 28 countries signing the declaration at the AI Safety Summit in the United Kingdom. The Bletchley Declaration highlights the opportunities of AI and the need for governments to work together to manage the risks. It will help the international community safely harness the benefits of AI technology for everyone. Everyone over looks that Rishi Sunak wife Akshata Murty is invested in infosys which is heavily geared toward Generative AI products. Akshata is from Hubli, Karnataka a state in southern India that from 1980 transformed to become the Silicon Valley of Asia.

AUKUS allies also pushed for Australia to reduce barriers for defence and dual-use technology. The new Defence Trade Controls Amendments Bill 2023 will introduce three new criminal offences, the amendment would criminalise the supply of technologies and services, without permit, that are listed on the Defence and Strategic Goods List. The dual-use list included software and technologies developed to meet commercial needs but which may be used in military purposes or weapons of mass destruction.

Laws allowing the federal government to legally operate its document and face matching systems are currently before parliament. The digital ID Bill includes language for Document Verification Services and Face Verification Services.


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