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Climate Change - Stadiums - Military Posturing - Bad Actors

No one ever stops to look at the bigger picture, the behaviour economics deployed by Barack Obama's "nudge" Unit, setup in Australia in 2016 by then Prime Minister Malcolm Turnball is always interfering, from robot debt to climate change.

Introducing Boldyn Networks and Bai Communications, Global Connectivity Solutions

The pivot to Asia started back in 2015 by Barack Obama, in the last three years we can see how important Tasmania is to the Military Posturing. Tasmania is the gateway to Antarctica and the new trade routes. The stadium and wind turbines may appear to be climate and sport driven but when we start to look deeper at the infrastructure needed to posture these structures have dual purpose.

The posturing includes unregulated hypersonic testing. Pepe Escobar explains the new trade agreements in train that will be negotiated in September 2023 to avoid US sanctions.

Is it a coincidence the critical infrastructure currently in train have advanced communication capabilities?

The stadium will pivot to the Northern Territory if it's construction falls through, but it does present an opportunity for bad actors to design adversarial rallies to appear community forward. Their handlers take advantage of the fact the majority of voters don't understand geopolitics and the Behaviour Economics team hosted by the Prime Minister and Cabinet use heuristic and virtual signaling measurements to evaluate if the population can see the bigger picture.

The same way BRIC's are designing new trade agreements to side step US Sanctions, the Australia - United States Climate, Critical Minerals and Clean Energy Transformation Compact, under the leadership of Australia's Department of Climate Change, Energy, Environment and Water and the U.S. National Security Council. Australia and the United States are also establishing the ministerial level Australia - United States Taskforce on Critical Minerals, to be led by principals from the U.S National Security Council and Australia's Department of Industry, Science and Resources, this new climate language certainly supports a lot of military trajectories.

What military climate action looks like

Stop Killing Tasmanian Flora and Fauna.

The destruction of Tasmania needs to stop and it's important for voters to look at the bigger picture and hold your political representatives accountability, even if they appear community minded on one aspect of the critical infrastructure installation.


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