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Digital Identity, Action Initiation, CDR, Value Transfer September Updates

The Government is developing legislation for an economy-wide Digital ID system. This system involves: an accreditation scheme of Digital ID service providers operating across the digital economy; and an Australian Government Digital ID System that is currently based around government services and will be expanded over time to include private sector organisations that choose to participate. Click the link above or the picture below to participate.

They are seeking feedback on the proposed legislation, which includes a Digital ID Bill and some supporting Rules.

You can provide your feedback through the 3 tiles below:

  • Completing a quick and easy survey (includes a free text field to tell us more)

  • Uploading a submission to the Digital ID Bill and Digital ID Rules. The PDF documents are here, Digital ID Bill and Digital ID Rules.

  • Uploading a submission to the Digital Accreditation Rules. The PDF document is here, Digital ID Accreditation Rules.

An overview of Australia's Digital ID System - a voluntary way for Australians to verify their ID to access online services. The Australian Government will work to expand the program to be a national, whole of economy program – meaning individuals and business can easily and safely access government services and eventually private sector services to verify who they are without handing over unnecessary personal information.

One-to-one’ matching

is simply matching your face (taking a selfie) with an ID document that you own, usually done with our driver licenses. For example, when entering a licenced premise (such as a pub or club), you often need to show your ID and it’s checked that your face matches the photo ID you provided. This is what the Australian Government’s Digital ID does if you choose to strengthen your Digital ID to a Strong level. To strengthen your Digital ID, you can take a selfie or photo of your face which is then matched with the photo on your passport. This additional verification step also protects you from identity theft because an imposter won’t be able to pretend to be you because their face won’t match the photo on your documents. ‘One-to-many’ matching, is when your face is matched against databases of images. This technology is employed with border control and national security protocols, and is expressly prohibited by Digital ID legislation.

Fintech Australia

With the 2022 release of the draft legislation for the Action Initiation framework, CDR has been in development for a couple of years. If you haven’t heard the term 'Action Initiation' or you're still not sure what it means, it's time to learn. This above webinar is a perfect introduction to the what, the why and the how of Action Initiation. The panel discusses Action Initiation, explores the finer details of what to expect with the legislation to deliver and how we think it might come to life. Action Initiation will affect every digital Australian business. It's time to get your head around this powerful new CDR feature. The panel for this event has been curated to provide perspectives from across the full CDR ecosystem – from system architect, to technology providers, to real business use cases.

Digital Identity, What Does Good Look Like and How Do We Get There - September 2023

Hosted by FinTech Australia and supported by the Victorian Government, Intersekt 2023 is the fintech conference that everyone values, with opportunities to connect with potential investors, customers, partners, suppliers and advisors

Solving the Onboarding Challenges with Digital Identity

The Convergence of Data, Identity and Payments

The Future of Digital Payments in Australia

Transitioning to an Open Data Future

How Open Data is Shaping the Future of Personal Finance

Artificial Intelligence in Fintech Ethics and bias Lense

Fostering Collaboration with Regulators and Government

Sustainable Finance From Fringe Concept to Mission Critical

Global Approaches to Digital Asset Regulation

I have curated a handful of the Intersekt 2023, the Fintech Australia platform pioneers the Action Initiation, Consumer Data Rights, Central Bank Digital Currency and Digital Identity.

Click this link to listen to the whole playlist from the conference held in September 2023.

This blog is a resource to explore the digital identification space, to understand the larger Value Transfer System you can read Australia Digital Transformation, US Cloud Agreement - Safety By Design, and CBDC August Updates.


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Oct 03, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Gatty you are a legend. I'm about to look through all the info on your blog so I can officially comment on the legislation (I'll post my comments here if possible later). I feel like there is a short window to even have access to the kind of info you provide for us while 'disinformation' legislation is now swirling through the culture and body politic (ps do you know where we are on that in Aust? is it too late to comment/ protest such legislation?). It seems we are indeed in 'Big, big trouble Australia!!' -and it seems as usual that most Aussies don't really give a shit as evidenced by your smaller-than-it-should-be profile. I fear we will get what…

Oct 08, 2023
Replying to

Here's my submission!!

In 1903, two American bicycle repairmen: Orville and Wilbur wright successfully trailed the first heavier than air motorised airplane. They were private citizens, tinkerers in their spare time, and they succeeded in doing what scientific and government experts assertively argued at the time was against the laws of physics and impossible!

This true-life amazing tale reminds us of what ordinary humble citizens can achieve when left free to experiment, innovate and play.

In 2020, the Victorian government headed by Premier Dan Andrews oversaw the worst industrial accident in modern Australian history: The covid hotel quarantine disaster. The Andrews government with a budget of nearly 100 billion annually, and countless teams of experts and highly experienced bureaucrats, through…


Sep 21, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you Gatty! This is priceless information. Shared with many, thank you for everything you're doing for not just Tasmanians, but any Australians who find your important work.

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