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Digital Twin Summit 2023 - Smart Cities

Andrea is the General Manager: Transport and Infrastructure at NZ headquartered consulting firm Beca. She is a planner and social scientist by background, and over a 25 year career has been involved in the optioneering, consenting and delivery of some of the largest road, rail and water infrastructure projects and programmes across Aotearoa; and in strategic policy direction on issues as diverse as air and water quality, waste strategy and land use and transport planning and zoning. Andrea is a strong believer in collaboration in front-footing the significant challenge and opportunity ahead of us as an infrastructure industry as we focus on a fast-paced change agenda, a global war for talent, decarbonising our economy, more extreme weather events, and increasingly focus on how our future generations will experience the world we leave them. Andrea joined the Smart Cities Council for a Digital Twin Summit hosted at the Beca office in Auckland, where she presented a keynote titled Acting Today for Tomorrow's Infrastructure.

Keri is a passionate digital professional, with a background in Geospatial technologies, and over 20 years international experience in engineering and construction project delivery, enterprise digital collaboration platform design, and organisational strategy and transformation. Keri leads the Digital Twin Maturity Taskforce for ANZ Smart Cities Council, is on the Executive Committee for the ANZ Digital Twin Partnership, represents NZIOB as a Southern Region Committee Member, and is part of the group working with the Construction Sector Accord to develop the value case for BIM and Digital Engineering.

Throughout the day, guests heard from experts from across sector divides, covering key themes such as Smart Built Environment, Smart Transportation Hubs and the Future of Place, all positioned through a Digital Twin and Data lens.

Kevin Dunne, Digital Engineering Programme Lead at Transpower From concept to operations and decommission, the supporting data needs an operating model structure that enables effective management and use of relevant data, the management of any change to it, the consequential impact of that change on models and continuously building trust in the data. Listen in as Transpower leads a discussion and shares their data journey which supports engineering processes such as Project Delivery Asset Management, Sustainability and more.

How can the utilisation of digital twinning contribute to emissions reductions and city climate goals?

The private sector is increasingly using digital twining technology. What should the connection be between public and private sector digital twiners and how should that be lead?

How can a city’s digital twin activity better take account of and reach indigenous and ethnically diverse peoples’ needs? Are there specific considerations needed to effectively achieve this?

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Special Jurisdictions Primer March 2021 - Adrianople Group

This report outlines investment opportunities in the Free and Economic Zones industry with a focus on the overlap of smart cities and special jurisdictions. This report was produced in collaboration with Cortex Financial Services Group.

Civic engagement, a cornerstone of democratic societies, has been on a worrying decline for decades. Consequently, decisions on the future of cities are being made with increasingly limited citizen input. However, there's potential for change. In this presentation, Matt Ensor will demonstrate how Generative AI, such as ChatGPT, not only has the capacity to counter this downward trend, but can also significantly enhance community outcomes and foster greater equity among citizens.

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