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Living Cell Industries - Child Born Alive Alleged Scandal - Maeve's Law

It all started in March 2022 when they amended the Mitochondrial Donation Law Reform (Maeve's Law) Act 2022 I am a student at the University of Tasmania, an educational institution heavily influenced by the current American Military Complex Trajectory. I have sat in law lectures, being introduced to actors who have been in place for 20 years to design the current insurance and genomic language scope required to build the industry. Mitochondrial Donation has been pioneered by the University of Tasmania.

To be clear, a healthy embryo is killed to attempt to "edit out" the damaged mitochondria damage. This industry has been in train for twenty years in Tasmania and the political representatives involved have also been in their seats for 20 years.

I map information ecosystems, when we look at living cell industries and the global language required to facilitate the projects I always look at they indicate the trajectory of the industry. There latest policy summit, making genetics and genomics policy in Britain, provides insight into how health policy was developed and the future pathways.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is an international organisation that works to build better polices for better lives. The Forum on Synthetic Biology: Challenges and Opportunities for Australia was held in Sydney, Australia on the 13 March 2012 an invitation only event. Spain teamed up with the US and UK to launch OECD Global Technology Forum 21 November 2022. in partnership with OECD click imagine to explore their projects. have many projects in train that should interest you.

It starts to make sense why Russia and China are looking at the biological industry space and it's potential to cause harm. As outlined in yesterdays blog, on the 23rd of November 2022, Germany and the United States of America signed a UN treaty with ITA International, LLC. ITA International signed a first of its kind partnership, The NanoSafe Tested™ program is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at characterizing exposures to products containing engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) and respirable particulate matter (PM) to ensure consumer safety and support safety-conscious manufacturers.

Australia could become an Asia-Pacific hub for the manufacturing of cell and gene therapy products according to a new industry-led report. The National Cell and Gene Manufacturing Blueprint is a roadmap for Australia's living cell industries, A Victorian State Government initiative, funded by the Australian Medtech Manufacturing Centre. The literature frames this industry as medical advancement, other countries are asking for transparency for it's trajectory into potential unethical practices.

There is a move in Australia to change the 14 day rule, scientists want the rules governing the use of human embryos amended because they are stopping potentially life-changing research. The "14-day rule" has been a guiding principle for researchers using embryos and has shaped legislation worldwide, including in Australia. It bans the use of embryos older than 14 days in scientific research. The Monash University in Melbourne started reprogramming skin cells back to an embryo like state in 2021.

The embryo-like entities being created by scientists — the area of research is so new, there doesn't seem to be an agreed name for them, so far animal studies suggest these model embryos do not have the same potential as a human embryo. Scientists have expressed public consultation is required in Australia to broaden the rules around living cell industries.

This is where the fun begins, if we look at two different political trajectories that could be influenced by the current American Military Complex and the American Culture Wars.

The current Human Rights (Child Born Alive Protections) Bill 2022, uses the Christian Texas approach to scare medical practitioners, putting pressure between doctor and patient on the decision making pathway. The language also meets the living cell industries half way, by introducing legal interventions the broad definition means projects that make it to a certain gestation period could potential utililse this legislative instrument to keep their humanoid, replica projects alive. Which brings us back to my blogs on digital twin and value transfer, the Australian whole government approach to the digital transformation space.


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