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Tasmania's Chamber of Secrets

Tasmania is a small island with 550,000 people give or take, it's a rarified environment that can magnify behaviour insights and flawed political trajectories. Since returning to the island in 2015, I have been exposed to toxic workplace after toxic workplace. One human service deliverable on the North West Coast had a specialist workshop which engaged the entire workplace to address the toxicity, the presenter was quiet shocked at the adversarial and noxious environment, her advice to everyone in the room was to quit and do a job they wanted. I have plenty of emails between myself and these toxic workplace environments from 2015 to current, sending correspondence to the then Health Minister Michael Ferguson, Health Minister Jacquie Petrusma, Health Minister Jeremy Rockliff, Premiers, Worksafe, Shadow Ministers and third party funding recipients in relation to concerns, I won't share them in this blog but disclosure is certainly on the horizon.

Today I am going to talk about The Salvation Army and my concerns of a Community Outreach Project I was meant to roll out in Glenorchy Hobart Tasmania in 2021. The first red flag occurred after I asked for the funding outcomes to developed entry and exit measurements for reporting. It is common practice for government funded projects, to update the department body with quarterly updates before acquittal. After my line manager informed me I wasn't required to acquit but we could use the behaviour insight data for project improvements, I decided to play dumb and watch the circus unfold. Because I look younger than I am, I get a front row seat to why our youth of today are disenfranchised through this third party human service deliverables.

Meeting with Divisional Commander Kim Haworth, she was disingenuous from the get go, using behaviour modification techniques to approach topics outside her job description and expertise. I'm a behaviour specialist and someone with years of experience booking Aussie Hip Hop showcases on the East Coast of Australia. Needless to say, Kim Haworth isn't very street smart. She framed herself as someone from my local community on the North West Coast of the island, something I had not shared with the faculty, that Circular Head is my Community. After living in Melbourne for so many years and running an Aussie Hip Hop Shop in Sydney, as the saying goes "you can't hustle a hustler". I have training in Youth Work, Suicide, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Mental Health and Trauma, they hired me because I had experience on the Melbourne Salvation Army Street Team. When Kim started to recount the vision of why her sanctimonious self was in my State, she described a burning fire from my Circular Head Community to Hobart. She even commissioned her Human Resources Representative to translate this into three pieces of art work hanging in the expensive head quarters in Hobart. I went looking for her dialogue on these vision, in this podcast she frames it as waves.

Full interview here at Evangelism in Australia

Her demeanour concerned me, but I am not surprised taxpayers money is funneled into these delusions, for such a dysregulated person to be in charge of crisis outreach services, focusing on Jesus Christ and the other church business models. She certainly was taken aback when I explained I am from Circular Head, in fact it lead into a story that any local would know. An incident that occurred when I was 5 years old. If you are from this community and in the age bracket of my older brother, then you would know. She looked quite foolish and I wondered if Jesus Christ punished members of the flock that spoke deceptively. She would later go on to frame that young people like myself would gain something to do with Jesus Christ. Which I asked for clarification on, what her judgement was for young people. The poor woman was in character. going great guns with the theatre, she thought I was a young audience, a mind easily manipulated by the garbage coming out of her mouth. She told me the then Premier Peter Gutwein was her friend and that she emailed him and he sent her money. Kim emphasised he had sent her more money than she expected. She also told me it was health money, this was also fiction. Poor old Jeremy Rockliff didn't have a clue why I went so hard at him for the contracts Kim Haworth had described. To date, I am yet to see the contracts that this woman conjured up in her mind. These so called evangelistic religious people told me how they wanted the crisis outreach to look and it would be a faith based funnel into partnership with other churches, a design they had been mulling over for years. She had no idea what a holistic outreach program looked like and quite frankly she didn't care. The freedom of information request I made to The Salvation Army was declined, they declared themselves exempt from public scrutiny, good old Christian values at work there. My first round of freedom of information was made in December 2021.

Which revealed the correspondence she actually had with the Premier's Office. I made many complaints, most of them went ignored, until I sent my complaint to the Integrity Commission which decided it was outside their jurisdiction and they made a referral to the Auditor General. The correspondence from the Auditor General is outlined below and it basically says "we do what we want and we don't have to inform you of anything".

Tasmanian bodies, agencies and departments very rarely cite the author of the correspondence, the Government, public servants and third party funding recipients all consider themselves above the average tax payer. Transparency and accountability is non-existent and everyone wonders why the worst offender of child/human trafficking, the Tasmanian Government goes unchallenged. By November 2022, the started reporting on misappropriation of money by Tasmanian Government agencies. Click the pictures to go to the abc article.

Like clockwork, the same way Safe Pathways returned to Queensland after being shut down in Tasmania, Kim Haworth moves to the NSW/ACT division.

These types of business models are obsolete, they are jobs 4 mates, a never ending story, the business model requires the economy to make vulnerable people, and that is exactly what they do. The same politicians have been in the same seats for 10 to 20 years and everyone wonders why systemic abuse never gets exposed. The people who really need to vote and change the face of this nose in trough, pork barreling behaviour are gaslit and abused within the system to keep the human trafficking model ticking over. They don't vote or the system that provides them support encourages everyone to embrace the brokenness which keeps them disenfranchised in the name of Jesus Christ your Saviour.

This is my great great great great great grandmother, she lived in the 1800's as you can see she is wearing a Salvation Army Pin. My family was at the beginning of the outreach concept in Tasmania, I strongly believe my grandmother would of looked down on misappropriation of money and disingenuous tactics by church officials.



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