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Gatty Free Julian Assange

I'm Gatty

I am tenacious political conversationalist dedicated to promoting transparency and accountability in Tasmanian politics.


My mission is to ensure that the people of Tasmania have access to honest and reliable information about the actions of their elected officials. I believe that an informed electorate is the foundation of a healthy democracy.

I advocate for justice, transparency and the urgent need to address corruption within our law enforcement agencies. Our society places its trust in those who are sworn to protect and serve, and rightfully so. However, when that trust is compromised by corruption, it undermines the very foundation of justice, and the principles that define our democracy. Our law enforcement officers play a critical role in ensuring the safety and well-being of our communities. However, instances of corruption tarnish the reputation of the vast majority who serve with integrity. We must confront this issue head on. 


In 2006 a member of my family was shot, a bullet lodged next to his spine at Peggs Beach in Circular Head. The police attended the scene and allowed the shooter to walk free. Attending the hospital they told other mother, "as far as we are concerned he was stabbed with a screwdriver". Because the incident was never acknowledged by the Tasmanian Police, the victim survivor and his family members could not access victims of crime. Essential services such as counselling were denied, because the incident was not recorded. A bullet is lodged next to the victims spine, causing disability, but the incident was not recorded and more services are unobtainable. The victim survivor was denied a court hearing because the incident was not recorded. Justice must be impartial, and accessible to every member of our society, regardless of background or circumstances. We need reforms that address systemic issues within our criminal justice system, ensuring fair treatment and equal protection uner the law for all individuals. My commitment extends beyond rhetoric to tangible policy proposals. I will work tirelessly to support initiatives that promote community policing, cultural competency training and community outreach programs to rebuild trust between law enforcement and the communities they service.

Transparency is the bedrock of a just and accountable government. I pledge to advocate for the implementation of transparent processes, open investigations, and public access to information that concerns the conduct of law enforcement agencies. I will collaborate with experts, community leaders, and advocacy groups to continuously assess and improve our approach to criminal justice and policing, fostering an environment of collaboration and shared responsibility. The fight against corruption and the pursuit of justice are not mere campaign slogans but principles that guide my actions, lets strive for a society where our law enforcement agencies uphold the highest standards of integrity, and every individual is treated with fairness. 

I had the privilege to speak at the Partners in Recover, Practice, Service, System and Community Transformation Conference in 2015. Exploring the barriers experienced in the mental health, alcohol and other drug services revealing multifaceted challenges individuals face. 

From 2015 to now the approach to human service

deliverables have not changed, short term contracts rolled

out at the start of each election. Since the NDIS consumed

Medicare Locals the mental health service deliverables were

replaced with a short term political solution that doesn't

address the needs of Tasmanian's, but the data looks good for

career politicians. 

As a dedicated advocate for justice and societal well-being, I was one of the whistleblowers within the SafePathways organisation, contributing to efforts aimed at maintaining the integrity of our crisis child safety deliverables.  Click here to watch 4 Corners investigation into the child protection industry in 2016. Beyond my professional endeavors, I am a survivor of domestic violence, my lived experience and career pathways fuels my passion for promoting awareness, empathy and change in societal attitudes towards survivors. I strive for breaking the silence surrounding abuse across all areas of community, championing positive transformation throughout Tasmania.


I have a deep sense of purpose and a commitment to shedding light on a critical issue that demands our immediate attention - child safety. It is an honor to walk alongside Azra Beach, a tireless child advocate and victim survivor, as we embarked on a journey together through our Safe Space Convo podcast. Our podcast discusses uncomfortable truths surrounding the decades-long political cover-ups perpetrated by both Labor and Liberal governments. For far too long, the safety and well-being of our children have been compromised by a system that failed to priorities their protection. 

We owe it to the generations to come to expose the negligence, secrecy and lack of accountability that have allowed child safety concerns to be swept under the rug. Our commitment is unwavering to advocate for transparency in government actions, accountability for those who have failed our children, and reforms that priorities the safety of our most vulnerable.

We call upon you, the community, to join us in this crucial conversation. Your voices, your stories, and your commitment to the safety of our children will be the driving force behind the change we seek. Let's champion truth, justice and hope for a future where no child suffers in silence. Together, we will expose the cover-ups, demand accountability, and create a society where the safety and well-being of our children are non-negotiable priorities. 

My collective is made up of passionate and experienced political advocates who are committed to fighting for the rights of Tasmanians. We work tirelessly to hold politicians accountable and to shine a light on the issues that matter most to our community.


Thank you for visiting my website. I hope that you will join us in our efforts to create a more transparent and responsible political system in Tasmania.

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