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Disrupt and Deterrence, All Roads Lead to Silicon Valley - WEF is a Proxy

On Wednesday the September 20th, I went looking for the uploads from the ASPI Disruption and Deterrence Conference held on the 14th and 15th. I had made several video's about this conference on my tiktok accounts raising awareness about the connection of Hypersonic and Electromagnetic Warfare and the US Cloud Agreement.

Thales was the golden sponsor of this event, on the 14th of September it was reported Labor adviser Andrew Downes, Home Affairs and Cybersecurity Minister Clare O'Neils chief of staff has taken a job with the cybersecurity contractor and arms manufacturer. I also reported on the proposed acquisition of Australia's largest ASX-listed cybersecuity company, Tesserent in the blog links above. There are currently no "rules" governing the movement of government advisors to private industry, unless they seek to become registered third-party lobbyists or in some areas of defence.

The response from the Home Affairs Department is generic, and not signed by the "authorised" freedom of information officer. But it was acknowledged and I need to follow up with the Defence Department.


"Origins story there is Secretary Carter is the first Secretary of Defence that had come to Silicon Valley in over a generations and so Bill Parry was his mentor, who was working at Stanford University and there in Silicon Valley you are just exposed to technology." said Sean Singelton.

"And so America's Frontier Fund shares Mitochondrial DNA with In-Q-Tel which is the intelligence communities venture capital arm." Gilman Louie from 1999 until 2006, Mr. Louie was the first CEO of In-Q-Tel, an independent, non-profit venture capital firm established with the backing of the Central Intelligence Agency. "Gilman Louie is also the CEO of the America's Frontier Fund and most people don't know he exists." One of the things Gilman Louie, Eric Schmidt and others identified when they won the National Security Commission for Artifical Intelligence was a lack of investment going into "Deep Tech" or hardware technologies. Eric Schmidt has been quietly building an investment vehicle blending public and private funds that could grant the former Google CEO unusual influence over U.S. national security policy and, potentially, the opportunity to steer taxpayer money to his own bets, with close ties to the Central Intelligence Agency that has faced allegations of serious conflicts of interest among its trustees.

"And some of the ones so focused in on say metals, mining, oil and gas, agriculture saying hey what do you have DOD that I might be able to go ahead and exploit"?

"Again our business model is to find intellectual property and try to commercialise it, and so we've had some conversations with DARPA cause DARPA have generated a ton of intellectual property that may not of been transitioned."

This is the full interview from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. It should concern every Australian that Radcomms 2022 and Distruption and Deterrance 2023 are commerical in confidence events, directly funded by your tax dollars but a conversational space for Silicon Valley and their representatives to harness population and behaviour sandpits for their own projects.


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