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Fresh Abuse at Ashley's Detention Centre - Tasmania's Chamber of Secrets Continues

Liberal Leader Jeremy Rockliff and Labor Leader Rebecca White are doing the voters dance right now. The hand up people, who get their hand outs are always prioritised over the safety of children.

The disclosure reads

Suicide attempt

Guards tackled them to the ground

Punched them in the head (had a cut on their head)

Left them alone for days without any help

The nurse said they could see her anytime

Yet when they asked the guards request was denied

Wilson Security were doing the runs for court

They had one of the security guards guys from Wilson Security ask inappropriate questions regarding their anatomy and if they'd had sex if so how many time....

They told guards they would cut themselves,

they didn't believe him so the child pulled their mp3 player apart and then cut arms and slit their wrists.

Azra Beach gave evidence at the Commission of Inquiry to follow her journey and support her fight against the cone of silence around child abuse in Tasmania - click here

#gutlessjeremy is scheduled to table the Commission of Inquiry into Child Abuse on the 26th of September. As the abuse culture gets over looked because there are No Votes in Child Safeguarding, and the University of Tasmania are introducing the heuristics to start funneling children into military programs as Australia's behaviour indicates a push back against conscription and the militia concept. Most Australian's are only concerned about the cost of living, and the Behaviour Economics team hosted by the Prime Minister and Cabinet will talk about the top five concerns for votes and maintain their Chamber of Secrets for as long as possible.

Tasmanian Voters need to take a hard look at the political representatives who have been in positions for 20 years, safeguarding their Chamber of Secrets and allowing a toxic culture and systemic child abuse to go on. Time for Change, Vote Independent.


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