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No Votes in Child Safeguarding

#gutlessjeremy has been encouraged to release all children detained at Ashley Youth Detention Centre, the signatories included a dozen community and legal entities advocating for change. The advocation for closure of Ashley Detention Centre has been on-going for years. Alysha Rose spoke in August 2022 stating "We’re calling for the immediate closure of Ashley Youth Detention Centre, which has been echoed by calls from Amnesty, from UNICEF, from human rights lawyers across Australia and certainly the national Commissioner for Children. This week, we heard our own Commissioner for Children in Tasmania and the Tasmanian Ombudsman call for the closure of the centre I think it’s time to say enough is enough." Workers and survivors of the system have been coming forward for years, it's why they invented the redress scheme. Ashley Detention Centre is a location with a political business model geared towards abuse. If the direct issue isn't acknowledged moving forward, relocating the children to another location is merely that, a relocation of abuse. You can sell me your "therapeutic" models to the cows come home, if Tasmania doesn't stop the political secrecy that manifests vulnerable and the ecosystems that target them, everything from recommendations to the lip service of political representatives is just that, lip service. I do find it interesting with the Behaviour Economics Team hosted by the Prime Minister and Cabinet, the predatory undertones could be sort out quickly and dealt with efficiently. But I guess if it affects the Tasmanian Chamber of Secrets, we would see a few high rollers and vast middle class sitting behind bars. If the concept of "non-compliance" was removed and replaced with the same callous criminalisation approach to young people, the prison system would be over flowing.

Azra Beach speaks on tiktok, raising awareness to the devastating political nightmare which is child abuse industries.

20 years some advocates have been trying to put child abuse on the table for immediate response. Survivors who have gone through the redress scam process, find the experience and outcome to be part of the Chamber of Secrets trajectory. The redress scam will be the next blog.

Azra Beach raising awareness on Tiktok of the Chamber of Secrets around sexual abuse in Tasmania. Click here to follow Azra on Tiktok.

It's time for a massive shake up and resign of the Child Protection Industry in Tasmania, and I ask you follow the participants of the Commission of Inquiry into Abuse and listen to them and not the political representatives who stand within the Chamber of Secrets.

Lets NOT wait for another safeguarded predator to die for survivors to discuss their experiences of abuse. Let's support survivors who have signed iron clad non-disclosures, who have lost their voice because the Chamber of Secrets prioritise the political "hand up" ecosystem. Technocratic advancement will accelerate by the end of November, the behaviour economics team hosted by the Prime Minister and Cabinet should be allocated to assess predatory behaviours and the Chamber of Secrets.


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