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Peggs Beach Shooting - Police Corruption Scandal - Exposing the Tasmanian Chamber of Secrets

Warning this post may be distressing for survivors of violence

Interview with Other Mother, Tasmanian Police said "as far as we are concerned he was stabbed with a screw driver".

In 2006, police wearing bullet proof vests were rushed to a camping ground near Stanley in the early morning after a 22 year old, young man was shot. The lone ambulance driver arrived at the beach side Black River camping ground, about two kilometres off the Bass Highway in Circular Head. Acting Inspector Kim Steven, of Burnie CIB said the incident occurred around 6:15am on the 19th of May 2006, resulting in the young man being shot in the stomach. Lincoln was taken by the ambulance to the North West Regional Hospital in Burnie and remained in intensive care, he had injuries to his stomach, spleen, kidneys, diaphragm, lungs and an inoperable bullet lodged near his spine.

Circular Head Elder discloses the abuse and police corruption in Smithton

Advocate 20th May 2006

Examiner 20th May 2006

Mercury 20th May 2006

Other Mother wrote to Parks and Wildlife, to shoot a wallaby out at the recreational area you need a permit. Aunty wanted answers why the Tasmanian Police and Parks and Wildlife wouldn't pursue criminal charges against the gun man.

Both Liberal Leader Jeremy Rockliff and Labor Leader Rebecca White have been around the political landscape for 20 years, safeguarding the Chamber of Secrets and allowing a Cone of Silence to protect an ecosystem of rife corruption, which contributes to the systemic abuse identified in the Commission of Inquiry. It's time the actual problem was addressed and the ecosystem that abuses should be exposed, they treat your children like criminals and allow 120 predators to remain free. It's quite clear what is wrong with the Tasmanian Political System.


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