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Tasmanian Chamber of Secrets - Police, Politics and Alleged Corruption

Submissions to independent review into Paul Reynolds now open.

“I want to assure the community that this process will be confidential, trauma-informed and managed at arm’s length from Tasmania Police by the independent reviewer.”

Commissioner Adams said that the Terms of Reference provided a broad remit that goes above and beyond the recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry and covered Paul Reynolds’ entire career. said Commissioner Donna Adams

“The review will assess if there was misconduct in anything that he did while a police officer, whether he used his position as a police officer to groom or sexually abuse children and whether there was any other misconduct by other police officers in investigating Reynolds,” she said.

Anyone who wishes to make a written submission or register their interest in a private session should email

Monday 27th of September 2010, the ABC reported renewed outrage over the case of a 12-year-old Tasmanian girl who was sold for sex after revelations a police officer was among those investigated. The ABC understands the mobile phone of a junior-ranked officer was among those traced by police as being used to respond to a newspaper advertisement placed by Devine and the woman. Tasmanian police officers who contacted the pimp of a 12 year old girl sold for sex will not face charges but their actions have been criticised.

The Acting Police Commissioner Darren Hine says the two officers did nothing legally wrong when they responded to a newspaper advertisement lodged by the girl's pimp Gary Devine.

An investigation has found a mobile phone belonging to a third officer was used to respond to the advertisement. A statement by the then Assistant Commissioner Scott Tilyard, announced the police officers weren't a client.

Interview Link Here

In March 2021, the Tasmanian Government established the Commission of Inquiry into the Tasmanian Government's Response to Child Sexual Abuse in Institutional Settings. Would it then surprise anyone that Deputy Scott Tilyard who had been Detective Inspector in charge of Hobart CIB, Commander of Northern District, and Assistant Commissioner in both Operations and Specialist Support, before he was appointed Deputy Commissioner in 2011, retired on the 22nd of July 2021.

Azra Beach has raised concerns around the independent review, asking for the terms of reference scope to be expanded. Azra is a survivor who gave evidence at the Commission of Inquiry and champions for change within child safety. Follow Azra's social media, to stay informed in real time about child safety in Tasmania.

I would like the review to include a Circular Head shooting that occurred in 2006, where police decided not to charge a person with attempted murder or possession of a fire arm. As far as they were concerned, he was stabbed with a screw driver.

In 2006, police wearing bullet proof vests were rushed to a camping ground near Stanley in the early morning after a 22 year old, young man was shot. The lone ambulance driver arrived at the beach side Black River camping ground, about two kilometres off the Bass Highway in Circular Head. Acting Inspector Kim Steven, of Burnie CIB said the incident occurred around 6:15am on the 19th of May 2006, resulting in the young man being shot in the stomach. Lincoln was taken by the ambulance to the North West Regional Hospital in Burnie and remained in intensive care, he had injuries to his stomach, spleen, kidneys, diaphragm, lungs and an inoperable bullet lodged near his spine. Full article here.

This sign states that firearms are not permitted on reserve land unless authority is granted through notice, sign or license.

Fire Arms Act 1996 (Tas) and Police Offences Act 1935 (Tas) possible charges,

Wounding or causing grievous bodily harm

Aggravated assault

Possession of loaded firearm in a public place

Recklessly discharging firearm

Incorrect storage of a firearm

Attempted murder

Click the image below to sign the petition asking Ms Regina Weiss to broaden the Independent Review into Police.


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