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Community Violations - Censorship - American Empire Foreign Interference in Australia

I have been mapping the misinformation and disinformation ecosystem since 2020, plenty of freedom of information leading to the latest Julie Inman Grant recommended updates. But today I am going to map deliberate intentional foreign Interference s92.2 Criminal Code Act 1995.

I do experiments on the signatory platforms looking for inconsistencies. The above is a post from X made on the 25th of August 2023. I then repurpose in Capcut and post on my tiktok Twitter Files. This video latest 30 minutes, it was flagged for "hate speech" and they timed out the appeal process.

Most Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL) videos about Factor viii and the medical scandal over thirty years ago will always be flagged. Australia's CSL gave children and pregnant women contaminated blood products, infected them with HIV or hepatitis C.

I have been follow the Royal Commission in the UK and all my updates have been flagged for misinformation.

This is the video the Australian Government and its Foreign partners don't want circulating, you decide if it's "misinformation" or a deliberate attack on implied freedom of political communication.

I have been advocating for disengagement strategies for three years, #disconnect2reconnect is a long running concept for people to disconnect from digital products on the 29th of every month. I posted a thank you video as the initiative gained traction but this was deemed a community violation

Here's another contaminated blood article that was censored, Australia is the last Country to have a Royal Commission into CSL and Factor viii infected products.

Click on this picture to read the article which was censored in Australia.

Here is an example of Australian hansard being flagged for authenticity. Click the picture to hear the speech made in Australian Parliament but censored by a signatory platform.

Vinay Prasad MD MPH reported on the myocarditis signals before the TGA, FDA and Government Agencies were ready to advise of the side effect. Click the picture to listen to his commentary.

I made a series of walkthroughs on how to down load the Consumer Medical Information from, all of my videos were flagged.

As these products are a clinical trial it's important to note all Consumer Medical Information is updated, so first dose documents from 2021 are in train and updated regularly with new information, side effects or adverse events. This video was made October 2022, the CMI and PI information are updated regularly.

Last one for the day is the removal of sound on Danny Haiphong addresses UN Security Council.

Here's the address in full

Clearly as an Australian pushing against the current American Military Complex, I'm not allowed to support Julian Assange, call NATO bastards or call out America's crimes against humanity. My blog How the Australian Government Manipulates You highlights the installation of Barack Obama's 'nudge' unit, Behaviour Economics Team hosted by Prime Minister and Cabinet in 2016. Which has developed through the placement of Julie Inman Grant the Commissioner.

Connect the dots Julie

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Great work Gatty

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