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Contaminated Blood - Australia's Biggest Medical Scandal Ignored

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Sick children infected with HIV and used as guinea pigs.

Quote"Humans cheaper than chimpanzee's" unquote National Health Service UK

Infected Blood Inquiry 2022, evidence confirmed the department of health 'paid' for science to support policy developments.

I wonder why Australia doesn't want a Royal Commission into #contaminatedblood

An Australian inquiry would investigate why tainted blood victims weren’t warned of the risks; weren’t advised when infected blood donors were identified; why state health departments didn’t uniformly screen blood donations for infections once tests were available; and why blood donations were taken from infected donors despite internal warnings that donations should not be accepted.

Rishi Sunak Dodges Children Infected with HIV - 29/06/2023

Charles MacKenzie has been fighting for the voices of contaminated blood to be heard, please support a Royal Commission into #contaminatedblood

The Australian Contaminated Blood Scandal is Real
Contaminated Blood is Real

Australian Senate Committee Decides Against Compensation for Victims of Contaminated Blood - 2004

Victims of Australian Tainted Blood Scandal in New Fight for Justice - 2018

In Cold Blood How Privatisation of CSL Abandoned the Victims of Australia's Public Health Tragedy - 2021

Red Cross Defied Basic Principles of Blood Safety by Recruiting Hepatitis C Infected Donors - 2021

CSL and Contaminated Blood Scandal UK Accepts Moral Responsibility Australia Still Silent - 2021

Black Mark on Red Cross Decision to ignore 5c test for Contaminated Blood Proved Fatal - 2021

Infected Blood Thousands Injured and No Apology or Compensation - 2023


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