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Hypersonic and Electromagnetic Warfare. What you need to know

In November 2022, the Australian Communications and Media Authority held the biggest spectrum management event since 2007. The conference consisted of government, industry, analysts, researchers and Australian Defence interested in spectrum reform and innovation.

I wrote a freedom of information request asking for recordings or transcripts of this taxpayer event.

Australian Media Communications Authority
Freedom of Information Request Radcomms 2022

Their response

Australia Communication Media Authority
Freedom of information Radcomms 2022

They sent me a link to the presentations delivered on the day

The two sessions I will highlight in this article, New Frontier, Director General Joint Communications Operational Support, Australian Defence Force, Electromagnetic Strategy.

Australian Government Investment Australian Communication Media Authority
Defence Electromagnetic Strategy

New Frontier, Director General Joint Communications Operational Support, Australian Defence Force, SmartSat CRC

SmartSat Priority from Technology Roadmap
Australian Communications Media Authority

Australia Communication Media Authority
SmartSat Defence and National Security Sector Strategy Map

Australia's world- class electromagentic warfare research centre officially opened in October 2022 by Chief of Joint Capabilities, Lieutenant General John Frewan. A purpose built, first-class laboratory to test the survivability of Defence platforms on the electomagnetic spectrum.

I follow the American/National Endowment for Democracy Think Tanks in Australia. David Wroe speaks to David Waterhouse, Managing Director of Hypersonix, they discuss how hypersonic technology fits into defence strategy (2nd June 2023). They outline hypersonic development had been delayed because AUKUS Pillar II was essential to fast tracking the project. Trilaterally developing and providing joint advanced military capabilites.

They also sound elated, the hypersonic and electromagnetic warfare industries do not have any restrictive treaties or agreements.

InnovationsAus report on public policy and business innovations, it also has a heavy American/National Endowment for Democracy Undertone, on the 4th of August they reported Arthur Sinodinos a former Australian ambassador to the United States, and earlier spent a decade as chief of staff to Prime Minister John Howard has been strategically positioned to identify specific threats and opportunities for Australia's industrial base.

I will mention Arthur Sinodinos was accused of potentially misleading Parliament in 2016.

The American/National Endowment for Democracy Think Tanks are holding a conference from the 14th - 15th of September, Disruption and Deterrence, the list of sponsors should raise your eyebrows.

Thales proposes to acquire Tesserent one of Australia and New Zealand's largest cybersecurity companies. Thales is also mentioned in the Radcomm's 2022, Australian Defence Strategy and the main sponsor for Disruption and Deterrence: The 2023 ASPI Conference.

Hypersonic and Electromagnetic Warfare requires treaty immediately,

It's time these warmongers were stopped in their tracks.

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Aug 14, 2023
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